"You're Never Too Old To Rock n Roll"
 Thursday 12th May at 2.30pm

Fascinating and fun talk by Vince Eager

As one of Britain's original pop stars Vince has a wealth of tales to tell!

Join Vince for his slide and talk presentation as he recalls the heady days when, as a major pop star in the late 1950s & 60s, he appeared on prime time television most Saturday evenings on such shows as the "Six Five Special", "Drumbeat" and "Oh Boy".   Vince takes you behind the scenes whilst touring with pals such as Joe Brown, Billy Fury, Marty Wilde, Adam Faith, Cliff Richard, Eddie Cochran Gene Vincent and many more. He reveals the mischief and mayhem they created, including an altercation with TV's smallest big star!   It's fascinating and not to be missed!